KIll This Love Lyrics

Kill This Love Lyrics Is the latest English song sung by BLACKPINK. The Song Music is given by Not Knwon and Kill This Love Song Lyrics by BLACKPINK. The Song Label By BLACKPINK.

Song Details:
Music: Not Known
Language: English

Kill This Love Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Jennie]
After a sweet “Hi”, there’s always a bitter “Bye”
After every crazy high, there’s a price you have to pay
There’s no answer to this test, I’ll always fall for it, yes
I’m a slave to my emotions
Screw this heartless love

[Verse 2: Lisa]
Here I come kick in the door, uh
Give me the strongest one, uh
So obvious, that love, love
Give me more, give me some more
Cling onto the edge of the cliff if you want
With just one word, you’re like starstruck again
That warm nervous feeling, extreme excitement
Felt like heaven, but
You might not get in it

[Pre-Chorus: Jisoo & Rosé]
Look at me, look at you
Who will be in more pain?
You smart like who? You are
If you cry tears of blood from both eyes
So sorry like who? You are
What should I do? I can’t stand being so weak
While I force myself to cover my eyes
I need to bring an end to this love

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